Journal: Featured Trailblazer on Made with Map this Week

From the editor's desk: 

Earlier this week I received an email that I was chosen to be a featured trailblazer for Made with Map. I'm pretty excited! I thought I would share  since, as a traveler and lover of beautiful pictures, Made with Map is one of my new internet favorites. It may become your new favorite too. The community here is overflowing with talent and creativity. These days it's hard to find many places on the internet that create an authentic sense of community, but Made with Map inspires just that. I love using Made with Map as a muse for finding new spots both in my hometown and for future travels. 

 That's me! Third in from the left. Come say hi @chloe. 

That's me! Third in from the left. Come say hi @chloe. 

I've been beta testing the website for a few months now and it's so fun. Coming soon, I'll be posting a how-to guide on finding the best local go-to spots using Made with Map. The site is still in beta testing, but you can apply for an invite to start exploring the world with your fellow creatives. 

In the meantime, come say hi on Made with Map! You can find me and my favorite spots around the world @chloe. Are you on Made with Map? Let me know your username in the comments. I'd love to check out your photos. 

adventure on,



P.S. A few exciting things are coming soon to The Paper Airplane. I've been busy at work behind-the-scenes this past week on some new changes that you're going to love. Stay tuned! 
P.P.S. The @madewithmap Instagram also rocks.